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Urban Construction Offers Unique Challenges

What distinguishes urban from suburban construction is the increased difficulty of even modest renovations.  Many contractors refuse to work in the city because of the complications.  Traffic is more congested for longer periods, and parking is an ongoing problem for the trades.  Houses are closer together which limits access. Locating or making space for stockpiled material is much more problematic.  The security of stockpiled materials and tools is a constant consideration.  The integrity of adjacent foundations is always a concern.  Inspections are difficult to schedule and obtain.  The inevitable trash that is generated must be dealt with promptly and efficiently and often by elevator in a high-rise.   Issues that are not that much of a concern when the construction occurs in the suburbs can be of critical concern in the city.
Over the last twenty-two years, Canada & Klein has remodeled houses, town houses and condominiums.  Canada & Klein has built additions and new homes. We know the important questions that must be asked and answered correctly.  
These include, for new homes and additions:
For condominiums:
Each and every project in Chicago requires careful consideration and planning so that all city based issues are minimized.  Canada & Klein's experience and attention to these details is our clients' best protection against an eagerly anticipated project turning into an aggravating experience.