They were very attentive to our scheduling needs .... and proactive in identifying creative and innovative solutionsto the host of ....issues that arose over the course of the project.


Meet Canada & Klein Owner, Jeff Cohen

While Jeff Cohen was practicing law in Chicago twenty-five years ago, he was also renovating two and three flat buildings in Wrigleyville and Lincoln Park and starting a family.  He found more joy in solving the exhilarating problems of renovating old buildings than he did in writing briefs.  So in 1987 he took the risky step of leaving the law firm to apprentice with a North Shore builder. In that year he learned a great deal about construction and developed his own best practices.

Jeff founded his own north suburban Chicago custom construction company, Canada & Klein Ltd. in 1988.  Many people ask about the origin of the company name.  This is the story:  One of Jeff's great-grandfathers, Louis Klein, emigrated from Eastern Europe through Canada in the late nineteenth century and settled in the midwest - thus,  the inspiration for Canada & Klein, Ltd.  The maple leaf on the logo is not only a nod to the country of Canada, but also an allusion to Jeff's and his wife Rebecca's long standing interest in sustainability and environmentally conscious lifestyles.

Every aspect of construction poses interesting options. Part of Jeff's enthusiasm for the job stems from the need for creative solutions for unusual challenges. One client asked Jeff to construct his master bath in a Japanese style which would feature a large window in the shower with a view of the homeowners' moss garden. That request was straight forward enough and easily accommodated. The problem was that the steam from the shower fogged up the window and obscured the view of the garden. Jeff went to the internet and, after several days of research and phone calls, was able to persuade a medical supply company to sell him a certain kind of film that is used on physicians' surgical goggles to keep them from fogging during surgery. The film worked effectively on the bathroom window, the client was happy, and Jeff had lots of fun!

There are a vast array of products and services available to builders and homeowners today. It is a challenge to stay informed and to weigh the options available for the successful completion of each project.  Many of the most exciting products today are designed to make energy use more efficient and cleaner.  It is very satisfying to build beautiful homes and workplaces for our clients' changing needs that consume fewer resources and pollute less than ever before.  Jeff never stops learning and never gets bored.