The bottom line, is that I would recommend Jeff to anyone that has anything from a small renovation project to a complex addition.


Design/Build: An Efficient, Cost-Effective Construction Method

What is design/build? Some describe it as the answer to a homeowner's prayer. Others describe it as a savings of time and money.

Design/build is a process during which an entire remodeling project - from the initial design concepts, drawings and budgets to permits, regulations and zoning laws to actual construction and final walk through - is organized and performed by a single entity, a single point of contact, a single point of responsibility. That single point is Canada & Klein, Ltd. The efficiency of this process allows for tight control of costs; management of the construction schedule; and a quick turn-around between design, construction and completion.

Canada & Klein has been supplying design/build services to our clients since before the term came into common usage. Throughout 22 years of experience working with talented architects and designers, with skilled tradespeople and with clients who have great taste, Jeff Cohen has built a team of professionals who can translate ideas and dreams into beautiful, comfortable, and energy efficient living and working spaces.
Whether the client desires a room renovation, an addition to an existing home or a newly consructed house, Canada & Klein's design/build services provide the solution to what can be a very complicated problem.

What if the clients aren't sure about exactly what they want?

The design team has worked in as many and as varied styles and conditions as exist in Greater Chicago. The design/ build team can help you discover where your peferences lie if you are not sure, or they can expose you to new ideas and new products even if the clients do have stylistic predilections or constraints.

The cost of the design process and the build process are not segregated. The entire process from brain-storming to final certificate of occupancy is contained in one integrated contract price.

As the design is being developed, the client's budget is shaping the choices that are under consideration. Canada Klein's experience with the real costs of every phase of construction keeps the process of making selections realistic. Why fall in love with costly custom cabinets if semi-custom cabinetry is the affordable option? On the other hand, if custom cabinets or gorgeous mosaic stone tile or photo-voltaic panels are the client's hearts desire, our team can save money in one area to make that dream option available in another area.

The design/build approach can save money. The builder can recommend to the design team alternative construction methods or materials that attain the same function or esthetic equivalent at a lesser cost.
The design/build approach is time efficient. The design need not be retooled to be buildable. The builder need not refer to the designer with endless questions and concerns once the project is under construction.