They were very attentive to our scheduling needs .... and proactive in identifying creative and innovative solutionsto the host of ....issues that arose over the course of the project.


Careful Remodeling and Additions Enhance Older Homes and Condos

At some point, every house needs an update.  Chicago's climate is very hard on house exteriors.  Sometimes exterior work is undertaken to repair or add architectural details.  Homeowners want to freshen the look of the interior or to update the function of a room.  Room sizes or traffic flow just don't work anymore and need to be adjusted.  Whatever the reason, remodeling and additions to an existing home require something most new home builders don't have' patience.  In general it is more difficult to transform a dated and dysfunctional space into a beautiful and useful one than it is to create new space from the ground up.  These are some of the challenges facing the professional remodeler:

Most remodeling and addition building is undertaken in homes where the owners continue to reside during construction.  
All of these things require a general contractor who has experience, skill and the patience for follow-through. For 22 years, Canada & Klein has been remodeling homes and condos and taking care of the clients who reside there during construction.  Let us show you how it is done.